Terms of Service

Application of Policy

The contract below stipulates the terms of service (the "Terms") which govern the use of products and services provided by unrestrict.me, Australian Business Number 15 733 976 635 ("us", "we", "our" or "unrestrict.me"). The terms stated below apply to all users ("users") of any service or product offered by unrestrict.me, regardless of whether they are a paid product, or free. By using products and services rendered by unrestrict.me you agree to the terms set henceforth.

unrestrict.me reserves the right to modify this contract at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to remain informed of any changes to this policy. Continuation of use of any unrestrict.me product or service will be taken as acceptance of the new agreement.

Should you disagree with the terms stated in this policy, please do not install or use any unrestrict.me software or any other unrestrict.me product.

By using our products and services in an organisational environment you do so on your own authority, and state that you are an authorised member of that organisation agreeing to these Terms.

Service Summary

Services rendered by unrestrict.me are in the style of network communication services. By nature, they act to attempt to increase the internet privacy of individuals using the service. Services offered by unrestrict.me are not to be used in the pursuit of illegal activities, and any data transmitted through our services must be lawful in nature in the user's jurisdiction, the Commonwealth of Australia and the location the data is being transmitted to.

It is your responsibility to remain informed of the relevant legal implications of using our service. You agree to absolve unrestrict.me of any and all liability occurring as a result of your use of our service.


Software distributed by unrestrict.me may vary in its licensing. Unless stated otherwise, all software is the sole intellectual property of unrestrict.me, and as such the exploitation of our software for personal monetary or social gain is prohibited. This includes reselling and distributing unrestrict.me.

Prohibited Content

Any service or product provided by unrestrict.me shall not be used for purposes which violate local laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Australia, the location of the signee or the location of which offending content is tunnelled, in the case of our VPN service.

Service Guarantees

Any service provided by unrestrict.me is on a "best effort" basis. unrestrict.me does not guarantee uptime or service stability.

Intellectual Property

unrestrict.me logos, page designs, graphics and icons are the intellectual property of unrestrict.me, and as such it is prohibited to use them in other products or services.


unrestrict.me accepts no responsibility for any damages incurred as a result of using products and services offered by unrestrict.me. You scrupulously agree that the use of any products or services offered by unrestrict.me is your sole risk and responsibility, and that unrestrict.me will in no way guarantee their capabilities.

unrestrict.me shall not be held accountable for the damages caused, financial or otherwise, to a user of their products or services.

Release and Indemnity

The user agrees to defend and hold harmless unrestrict.me from any and all damages, liabilities, costs, debt, claims, losses and expenses arising from (i) your use of any product or service provided by unrestrict.me, (ii) a breach of these Terms of Service, (iii) use of our service which caused damage to a third party, (iv) a third party right violation.

The user agrees to pay all associated fees incurred by unrestrict.me should they fall violation to the terms specified in this document.