Privacy Policy

Application of Policy

The contract below stipulates the Privacy Policy (the "Policy") which govern the use of data and information submitted or collected by, Australian Business Number 15 733 976 635 ("us", "we", "our" or ""), in the pursuit of providing our products and/or services. This Policy applies to all users ("Users") of any service or product offered by, regardless of whether they are a paid product, or free. By using products and services rendered by you agree to the conditions set henceforth.

Data Collection collects information on its Users in order to provide its products and services. The scope of the information collected in outlined below. Unless otherwise stated, the information collected is stored and processed by us.

IP Addresses
Collected and anonymised for website analytics.
Collected in the event a connection session request is made to (in the case of our VPN service), and used to prevent session hijacking.
Collected and purged frequently in all other instances.
Email Addresses
Colleted and stored indefinitely when a Support Request is voluntarily made to An email address is not required to use any product.
Expire automatically after 24 hours without logging in to view the status of a Support Request.
Stored for up to 13 months for website analytical purposes. The website monitors User's movements around the aforementioned website and stores the information in an overall anonymised form.
Support Requests (including uploaded log files)
Stored indefinitely.

Underage Persons is not to be used by any persons under the age of 18 unless explicit permission is given by their legal guardian.

Basis for Data Processing

We collect the User's data in order to provide them the products and services we offer, under the provision of our Terms of Service.

Data Protection Rights

Should you oppose any of the policies set in this document please discontinue the use of any of our products and services. The User has the right to request their personal data be purged from's systems provided they can adequately prove what data is theirs.

It may take in excess of 80 days for the User's data to be purged from the system due to technical design limitations (such as system backups).